Baba Neem Karoli, Panki Hanuman Temple in Kanpur

Panki Hanuman Temple, a very small and beautiful temple of Hanuman ji and Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharajji on the outskirts of Kanpur near Panki Railway Station, Kanpur. This beautiful temple was inaugurated in January 1964 by Neem Karori Baba Ji. The temple houses the wonderful, beautiful and delightful Panki Hanuman-ji. It was believed that during the bhandara feast held at the temple’s inauguration, Maharajji’s miracle fed the entire city of Kanpur in bhandara, which includes millions of people of the city.

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Maharajji wanted a grand bhandara to be organized along with the installation of Hanumanji in the Panki temple at Kanpur, so that a large number of devotees of Hanuman ji could take prasad.

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As per the organizers, unbeknownst to anyone, a miracle happened and the provisions at the bhandara multiplied significantly (even vegetable oil miraculously transformed into pure ghee), resulting in a surplus of pure food after thousands had partaken in the prasad. This surplus sustained the bhandara for an additional two days, witnessed by everyone who were there present at the time.

This bhandara was not managed or organized by the organizers, but operated solely through Neem Karoli Baba ji’s divine will. Despite not attending the installation ceremony of Hanuman ji in the temple, Neem Karori Baba isolated himself in a room in Allahabad, many devotees witnessed and claimed to have seen Babaji near the temple, overseeing arrangements and interacting with devotees.

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Through his divine powers, Maharaj Neem Karoli Baba fulfilled the wishes of his devotees who trusted in him and loved him then and continues to do so, relying only on faith.

If you are plaining to visit Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Kanpur, there are also top 5 major temples in Kanpur you should visit.

Top 5 major temples in Kanpur, You Should Visit

Bramhakuti Temple

The Brahmakuti temple in Kanpur is dedicated to Lord Brahma, revered as the supreme creator in Hindu mythology. Situated alongside the Ganges River, this temple stands as the sole sanctuary of Brahma in the Kanpur region, aside from a smaller shrine known as Brahmeshwar Mahadeva. As a result, pilgrims from across the city frequently visit this sacred site.

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Radha Krishnan Temple

The Radha Krishnan temple, also known as JK Temple in Kanpur, contains statues of Lord Krishna, Radha, Lord Narayan, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ardhanarishwar, and Lord Narmadeshwar. Built by the Singhania family in 1960, the temple provides a tranquil atmosphere that brings peace of mind to visitors seeking solace.

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Jain Glass Temple

The Jain Glass temple in Kanpur is renowned for its religious and architectural significance. It venerates Lord Mahavir, also known as Lord Shiva, and the twenty-three other Jain Tirthankaras. What sets this temple apart is its construction entirely of glass, adorned with intricate artwork in glass and enamel. Tourists not only enjoy a visual spectacle but also gain insight into the teachings of Jainism during their visit.

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Bhitargaon Temple

The Bhitargaon temple showcases ancient Indian artistry on its walls and architecture, serving as a splendid testament to the skill of artists from India’s ancient era. Tourists visit this temple for its religious significance and historical allure, drawn also by the centuries-old tales it encapsulates.

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Ravana Temple

The Ravana temple in Kanpur stands unique among its kind. Ravana, known for his devotion to Lord Shiva, is revered here as the principal deity. Historically, Ravana is infamous for his abduction of Sita, which led to his defeat by Lord Rama during their exile period in the forest. Today, Hindus view the day of Ravana’s demise as auspicious, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Every year during Dussehra, elaborate celebrations mark this occasion, culminating in the burning of Ravana’s effigy. Millions of devotees flock to this shrine annually to pay homage to Ravana.

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