Hanuman 108 Names| List Of Lord Hanuman Names

Lord Hanuman 108 Names emphasize his diverse qualities, devotion and the roles he played in Treta Yuga or during the ancient times of Lord Rama in the Ramayana according to Hindu religion’s history text books . These names do not merely label him but carry deep meanings that mirror his virtues and heroic deeds.

Shri Hanuman ji embodies two primary qualities: unwavering devotion towards his work and Lord Rama and immense strength. Devotees of Lord Hanuman ji regularly recite the Shri Hanuman Chalisa to seek his blessings and protection from him and Shri Ram Chandra.

Shri Hanuman ji, also known as Anjaneya (The Son Of Goddess Anjana), actively worked with devotion to help Lord Rama in rescuing his wife, Goddess Sita, who was abducted by the demon Ravana. Shri Maruti Nandan was Blessed by all the gods since childhood, Lord Hanuman possessed extraordinary strength and 8 Siddhis, 9 Nidhis and other powers makes him one of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and strongest God in the universe at the same time.

Hanuman 108 Names with meanings
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Lord Hanuman 108 Names

Devotees chant the Hanuman Ashtothram, a divine hymn that lists the 108 names of Hanuman, to seek hanuman ji’s blessings. These 108 divine names mentioned in the hymn define his divine attributes.

List of Hanuman Ji 108 Names, divine names are listed here:

Sl.NoList Of lord Hanuman 108 Names With Meanings
1Aum Anjaneyaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Son of Goddess Anjana’
2Aum Mahaviraya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Most Valiant’
3Aum Hanumathe Namaha
‘One With Puffy Cheeks, Lord Hanuman ji has Puffy Cheeks’
4Aum Marutatmajaya Namaha
lord Hanuman Is Beloved Like Gems
5Aum Tatvagyanapradaya Namaha
;Lord Hanuman Is Granter of Wisdom’
6Aum Sita-Devi-Mudra-Pradaya-kaya Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Deliverer of the Ring of Goddess Sita’
7Aum Ashoka-Vana-kachchhetre Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Is Destroyer of Ashoka Orchard’
8Aum Sarva-Maya-Vibhananaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Destroyer of All Illusions’
9Aum Sarvabhanda-Vimoktrey Namaha
‘Lord hanuman is Detacher of All Relationships’
10Aum Raksho Vidva-Msakarakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Slayer of Demons’
11Aum Parasowrya-Vinasanaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Destroyer of Enemies Wisdom’
12Aum Para-Shaurya-Vinashakaya Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Destroyer of Enemy’s Valour’
13Aum Paramantra-Nirakarthrey Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Acceptor of Rama’s Mantra Only’
14Aum Parayantra-Prabheydhakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Destroyer of Enemies Missions’
15Aum Sarwagraha-Vinasinye Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Killer of Evil Effects of Planets’
16Aum Bheemasena-Sahayakruthey Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Helper of Bheema’
17Aum Sarva-Dukhah-Haraya Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Reliever of All Agonies’
18Aum Sarva-lokacharine Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Wanderer of All Places’
19Aum Manojavaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman’s Speed Is Like Winds’
20Aum Parijata-Drumulasthaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Resides Under the Parijata Tree’
21Aum Sarva-Mantra-Svarupaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Possessor of All Hymns’
22Aum Sarwatantra-Swaroopinae Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Shape of All Hymns’
23Aum Sarvayantratmakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Dweller in All Yantras’
24Aum Kapishvaraya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Lord of Monkeys’
25Aum Mahakaayaya  Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Gigantic’
26Aum Sarva-Rogaharaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Reliever of All Ailments’
27Aum Prabhave Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Popular Lord’
28Aum Bala Siddhi-karaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Granter Of Wishes’
29Aum Sarva-Vidya-Sampath-Pradayakaya Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Granter of Knowledge and Wisdom’
30Aum Kapise-Nanayakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Chief of the Monkey Army’
31Aum Bhavishhya-Thchaturananaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Aware of Future Happenings’
32Aum Kumara-Brahmacharine Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Youthful Bachelor’
33Aum Ratnakundalaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Wearing Gem-Studded Earrings’
34Aum Chanchal-Advala-Sanadhaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Glittering Tail Suspended Above The Head’
35Aum Gandharva-Vidyaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is One Who Frees from Imprisonment’
36Aum Mahabala-Paraakramaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Has Great Strength’
37Aum Kaaraagruha-Vimokthrey Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is One Who Frees from Imprisonment’
38Aum Shrinkhala-Bandha-Mochakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Reliever from a Chain of Distresses’
39Aum Sagarottarakaya Namaha
Lord Hanuman Is Leapt Across the Ocean’
40Aum Pragyaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Scholar’
41Aum Rama-dutaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Ambassador of Lord Rama’
42Aum Pratapavate Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Known for Valour’
43Aum Vanaraya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Monkey’
44Aum Kesari-Suthaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Son of Kesari’
45Aum Sitashoka-Nivarakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Destroyer of Sita’s Sorrow’
46Aum Anjanaagarbha-Sambhutaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is The Son Of Anjini’
47Aum Balarkasa-Drashananaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Like the Rising Sun’
48Aum Vibhishana-Priyakaraya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Beloved of Vibheeshana’
49Aum Dashagriva-Kulantakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Slayer of the Ten-Headed Ravana Dynasty’
50Aum Lakshmana-Pranadhatre Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Reviver of Lakshmana’s Life’
51Aum Vajra-Kayaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Sturdy Like Metal’
52Aum Mahadyuthaye Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Most Radiant’
53Aum Chiranjivine Namaha
‘Shri Hanuman Is Eternal Being’
54Aum Rama-Bhaktaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Most Radiant’
55Aum Daitya-Karya-Vighatakaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Destroyer of All Demons’ Activities’
56Aum Akshahantre Namaha
God hanuman Ji Is Slayer of Aksha’
57Aum Kajnchanabhaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Has Golden-Hued Body’
58Aum Pajncha-Vaktraya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Five-Faced’
59Aum Maha-Tapase Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Great Meditator’
60Aum Lankini-Bhajnjanaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Slayer of Lankini’
61Aum Shrimate Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Revered’
62Aum Simhika-Prana-Bhanjanaya Namaha
;Hanuman Ji Is Slayer of Simhika’
63Aum Gandhamadana-Shailasthaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Dweller of Gandhamadana’
64Aum Lankapura-Vidayakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is The One Who Burnt Lanka’
65Aum Sugreeva-Sachivaya Namaha
Lord hanuman Ji Is Minister of Sugreeva’
66Aum Dhiraya Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Ji Is Valiant’
67Aum Shuraya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Bold’
68Aum Dhaithya-kulaanthakaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Destroyer of Demons’
69Aum Sura-Archithaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Worshipped by Celestials’
70Aum Tejase Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Most Radiant’
71Aum Rama-Chudamani-Pradayakaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Deliverer of Rama’s Ring’
72Aum Kamarupine Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Changing Form at Will’
73Aum Pingalakshaya Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Is Pink-Eyed’
74Aum Vaardhimainaaka-Poojithaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Worshipped by Mynaka Hill’
75Aum Kabaliikrutha-Marthanda-Mandalaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Swallower of the Sun’
76Aum Vijitendriyaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is The Controller of the Senses’
77Aum Rama-Sugreeva-Samdhatrey Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Mediator between Rama and Sugreeva’
78Aum Mahiravana-Mardhanaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Slayer of the Famous Ravana’s Army’
79Aum Sphatikabhaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Crystal-Clear’
80Aum Vagadhishaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Lord of Spokesmen’
81Aum Navavyakrita-Panditaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Skilful Scholar’
82Aum Chaturbahave Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Four-Armed’
83Aum Dinabandhuraya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji IS Protector of the Downtrodden’
84Aum Mayatmane Namaha
‘Supreme Being’
85Aum Bhaktavatsalaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Protector of Devotees’
86Aum Sanjeevana-Nagaaharthrey Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Bearer of Sanjeevi Mount’
87Aum Suchaye Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Chaste’
88Aum Vagmine Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Is Spokesman’
89Aum Dridhavrataya Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Is The Killer of Sins Of His Devotees’
90Aum Kalanemi-Pramadhanaaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Strong-Willed Meditator’
91Aum Harimarkata-Markataya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Lord of Monkeys’
92Aum Dantaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Is Calm’
93Aum Shantaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Very Composed’
94Aum Prasanatmane Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Cheerful’
95Aum Sathakantha-Madaapahruthey Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Destroyer Of shatakantta’s Arrogance’
96Aum Yogine Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Saint’
97Aum Ramakatha-Lolaya Namaha
‘Shri Hanuman Ji Crazy of listening Rama’s Story’
98Aum Seethanveshana-Pandithaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Skilful in Finding Sita’s Whereabouts’
99Aum Vajradhamshtraya Namaha
100Aum Vajranakhaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Strong-Nailed’
101Aum Rudra-Virya-Samudbhavaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Incarnation of Lord Shiva’
102Aum Indrajith-Prahitha-Amogha-brahmastra
vinivaarakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji IS Remover of Effect of Indrajita’s Brahmastra’
103Aum Partha-Dhvajagrasamvasine Namaha
‘Shri Hanuman Ji Is Having Foremost Place on Arjuna’s Flag’
104Aum Shara-Pamjara-Bhedhakaya Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Destroyer of the Nest made of Arrows’
105Aum Dashabahave Namaha
‘Lord Hanuman Ji Is Ten-Armed’
106Aum Lokapujyaya Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Ji Is Worshipped by the Universe’
107Aum Jambavatpritivardhanaya Namaha
‘Hanuman Ji Is Winning Jambavan’s Love’
108Aum Sita-Sametha-Sri-Rama-Pada-Sevaa-Dhurandharaya Namaha
‘Lord hanuman Ji Is Always Engrossed in Rama’s Service’

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Devotees of Hanuman JI chant the divine 108 names of Lord Hanuman not only as identifiers but also to celebrate his virtues, strength, and divine energy. Each name in the list tells a story, illuminating various aspects of his character and journey during his role in Ramayna and Treta Yuga, imparting valuable lessons. Devotees chant these names with and devotion reverence, seeking inspiration and blessings from this beloved deity, Hanuman Ji.


1. What are the different names of Hanuman?

Lord Shri Hanuman is known by several names to define his greatness such as Anjaneya (son of Goddess Anjana), Maruti, Pavanputra (Son Of Air), Bajrangbali, Mahavira, Rudra (Incarnation Of Lord Shiva), Kesarinandan (Son Of King Kesri), Sankatmochan, Ramabhakta (Devotee Of Lord Rama), Doot, and Mahakaya, among others.

2. Why is Hanuman ji called as Anjaneya?

Lord Hanuman ji earns the divine name Anjaneya because he is the “Son of Goddess Anjana,” emphasizing his divine lineage through his mother. Goddess Anjana proud of his son and it made Lord Hanuman’s greatness.

3. What does the name Pavanputra signify?

The name Pavanputra highlights Hanuman’s parentage as the son of the wind god, Pavan, emphasizing his swiftness and boundless energy and speed like winds in the air.

4. How does the name Sankatmochan relate to Hanuman?

The name Sankatmochan, meaning “reliever of troubles,” describes Lord Hanuman’s role in protecting devotees and eliminating negativity, problems, evil energies and obstacles from their lives.

5. What is the meaning of Bajrangbali?

The name Bajrangbali “Bajrang” (strong) and “Bali” (hero), shows Lord Hanuman’s extraordinary strength and heroic character and devotion.

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