108 Names Of Lord Rama: Lord Rama Names In English

History of Shri Ram and Lord Rama Names: Lord Rama (Shri Ram Chandra) the king of Ayodhya, He was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, descended to earth to eradicate the evil Ravana and forces of the evil era. He is always depicted with a bow and arrow, symbolizing his readiness to combat evil.

He is also known as “Shri Rama” and is often portrayed in a familial setting (Ram Parivar) with his wife Goddess Sita (Incarnation of Goddess Laxmi On earth), brother Lakshmana (Incarnation of Saishnaag), and devotee Hanuman at his feet.

Lord Shri Rama is revered as Purushottama, the supreme personality and best among men. He is widely worshiped among in Hindus as an ideal man and man of his words and the hero of the epic Ramayana and the King of Ayodhya. Also Known by names like Raghava, Koshlendra, Ramachandra, and Ramabhadra, his most revered and divine name is ‘Ram’.

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List Of Lord Rama Names| Lord Rama 108 Names

Ramabhadra (Om Shriramaya namaha) ― Auspicious Rama

Lord Shri Ram has captivating eyes resembling lotus petals and a face resembling the moon. Rama is a courageous and honourable warrior from the Raghu clan. Lord Ram shows kindness towards the honourable and the holy people, embodying good fortune.

Ramachandra (Om Ramachandraya namaha) Moon like gentle Lord Ram

Lord Rama’s moon-like face, covered in beautiful strands of hair, is the source of endless happiness and bliss for his devotees. Lord Rama personifies all things beautiful, and He does it with a delightful smile on His face. Lord Rama is the source of the energy of devotees.

Shashvata (Om Shashvataya namaha) The one who is ever-lasting one

Lord Rama is the supreme avatar of Lord Vishnu, He symbolizes Supreme Power, who is beyond any reason, and vision, Lord rama has no beginning or end, Shri Ram is without attributes. He is the Supreme One, He is Narayana, the Eternal Divinity, He is the Lord.

Rajeevalochana (Om Rajivalochanaya namaha) ― The lotus-eyed

Rama has eyes the size of a full-blown lotus. Lotus-eyed and always pleasant-faced. The eyes of Lord Rama radiate peace and tenderness, and they are infinitely observant.

Shrimate (Om Shrimate namaha) ― The abode of Lakshmi

All people and living beings regard and find Lord Rama to be the Master of all norms. The humans, the sage, saints, demi gods and even Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, love him.

Rajendra (Om Rajendraya namaha) ― Lord of the lords and The king of the kings

Lord Shri Ram is the whole world in his manifest form; he is the supreme. He is hidden from the senses, but he is instinctive in every living being in every life. Lord Shri Ram is the cause of all existence. He is the protector of all realms and living beings.

Raghupungava (Om Raghupungavaya namaha) ― Scion of the Raghukula race

As a dharma representative, Lord Rama believes in goodness and kindness and always keeps his word as a line written on stone.

Janakivallabha (Om Janaki Vallabhaya namaha) ― Consort of Mata Janaki

Goddess Sita, the Supreme Lord Rama’s consort, Goddess Sita who came to earth as an incarnation of Goddess Maa Laxmi, was discovered by her father Janaka while ploughing a field. In order to build dharma, he sacrifices her to the earth.

Jaitra (Om Jaitraya namaha) ― One who Symbolises Victory

Master of the art of war Lord Rama’s courage and prowess are unsurpassed. Lord Rama With comprehensive knowledge of combat strategies in war and life, he personifies triumph.

Jitamitra (Om Jitamitraya namaha) ― The conqueror of his foes

Lord Shri Rama, known for His justice and noble deeds. Sri Ram represents victory; He conquers His enemies, for He has no rival.

Janardana (Om Jitamitraya namaha) ― One who liberates from repeated births

Lord Rama, the Dharmadhita of the Solar race and the king of Ayodhya Ji, he epitomizes virtues such as dharma, truth, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, duty, and gentleness, Lord Rama offers liberation from the cycle of rebirth to the blessed.

Vishwamitrapriya (Om Vishwamitrapriya Namah) ― One who is Beloved of Vishwamitra

The great sage and saint Swami Vishwamitra greatly worships and reveres Lord Rama for His righteous nature, seeing Him as an ocean of knowledge, kindness, wisdom and a treasure trove of virtues.

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Danta (Om Danta Namah) ― Unperturbed

Lord Rama’s serene face, adorned with a moon-like glow and he has a gentle smile that illuminates it more, Sri ram remains calm and composed in adversity, reflecting His impressive dignity and majesty. He is the first choice of the devotees.

Sharanatrana Tatpara (Om Sharanatrana tatparaya namaha) ― Determined to protect His devotees

Lord Vishnu in his human form, incarnated as Lord Rama, is resolute and fully dedicated to alleviating the suffering, distress of his devotees who seek refuge in him who has devotion in him. He accomplishes this with precision, ensuring justice by upholding dharma and punishing wrongdoers.

Valipramathana (Om Valipramathanaya Namah) ― Slayer of Vali

Lord Rama, the scourge of his enemies, Sri Ram defeated king Vali, the Vanara chief of the forest who had unjustly taken his brother Sugreeva’s throne and his wife captive.

Vagmine (Om Vagmine namaha) ― Spokesman

Lord Rama, who is always gentle and composed, speaks softly and peacefully. As a king of all, He never mocks or teases to anyone in his kingdom, always maintaining a calm and collected demeanor showing his mercy.

Satyavache (Om Satyavache namaha) ― Speaker of the truth

Lord Rama’s devotees dance with joy and rejoice in his sweet and loving words, which always resonate with truth and compassion, as he embodies truth itself and governs as the ultimate law-Maker.

Satyavikrama (Om Satyavikramaya namaha) ― Truthfully one who is powerful

Lord Rama establishes the image of an Ideal Man on the loftiest pedestal of human existence. He is the Truth that begins, the Truth that grows, and the Truth that ends.

Satyavrata (Om Satyavrataya namaha) ― Adopting truth as penance

Lord Rama, the auspiciously marked one, upholds dharma, adopting truth as penance for the sake of righteousness.

Vratadhara (Om Vratadharaya namaha) ― Practicing penance

Lord Rama upholds justice and dharma, as he is the supreme king of ayodhya and bharat Varsha, Shri Ram destroys evil and wrong-doers , meditates deeply, and practices austere penances to alleviate mankind’s suffering.

Sada Hanumadashrita (Om sada Hanumadaashritaya namaha) ― Dependent on Hanuman

Lord Hanuman the incarnation of lord Shiva, the Son of the god of winds, faithfully follows Lord Rama. The Great Lord Shri Ram relies on Lord Hanuman to rescue his queen, Goddess Sita, from the clutches of the colossal demon Ravana by uncovering her location.

Kausaleya (Om Kausaleyaya namaha)― Son of Kausalya

Lord Shri Ram, who upholds dharma, is beloved son of Queen Kausalya. His radiance contributes to her beauty, Similarly, Indra’s brilliance increases Aditi’s beauty.

Kharadhvamsine (Om Kharadhvamsine namaha) ― Slayer of Khara

Lord Vishnu, the Supreme God, took several incarnations to defeat and kill the world’s demons and evils, and as in the form of Lord Rama, He slew the demon Khara.

Viradhavadha (Om Viraadhavadhapanditaaya Namaha) ― Master in slaying Viradha

The earth and all the gods and demi gods, including Brahma, are manifested by the Supreme Lord shri Rama, who is a demon slayer of the evil demon Viradha.

Vibhishanaparitratre (Om Vibhishana paritratre namaha) ― Sheltered Vibhishana

Lord Brahma grants Vibhishana to the younger brother of the great demon Ravana, the blessing that he will never act cruelly, not even in the most dire circumstances. When Lord Brahma observes Ravana engaging in immoral behaviour, he runs to Lord Rama for safety.

Harakodandarama ( Om Harakodandaramaya Namaha) ― Rama with the Kodhanda Bow

Shri Rama with the three-curved Kodanda bow in his hands, he searches the Dandaka jungle like a supreme being, like a great king. This bow and arrow, which a warrior compares like a faggot to a fire, is used by Lord Rama.

Saptatala Prabhetre (Om Saptatala Prabhedre namaha) ― The one who is Breaker of the seven Tale trees

Lord Shri Rama, adorned in tree-bark and deer-skin gleaming like gold and wielding a divine golden bow, broke the curse of the seven Tale trees in his majestic and black complexion, fulfilling the reason for his incarnation.

Dashagreeva Shirohara (Om Dashagriiva Shiroharaaya namaha) ― The Slayer of the ten-headed Ravana

Lord Rama, radiant with glory, slays Ravana using the Brahma arrow a remarkable missile imbued with wind in its feathers and fire in its head.

Jamadagnya Mahadarpa Dalana (Om Jamadgnya Mahadarpaya namaha) ― Destroyer of Jamadagni’s son’s arrogance

In such a form, the Supreme Lord incarnated, driven by the Supreme Spirit. Lord Rama used his intelligence to destroy Jamadagni’s son arrogance.

Tatakantaka (Om Tatakantakaya namaha) ― Slayer of Tataka

Lord Rama slays the wicked Yakshini named Tataka, Shri Rama dispatches her with a single arrow

Vedantasara (Om Vedanta Saraya namaha) ― The Essence of Philosophy

Lord Rama, who pervades all hearts as the embodiment of Supreme Bliss, is omnipresent. Though unseen by atheists, He becomes manifest through profound devotion and love.

Vedatmane (Om Vedatmane namaha) ― The Spirit of the Vedas

It is well known that Shri Rama studied, absorbed and mastered the Vedas in all branches, with not a flaw of imperfection, communicating with a joyful synthesis of the head, throat, and heart.

Bhavarogasya Bheshaja (Om Bhavarogasya Bheshajaya namaha) ― The Reliever of Earthly ailments

Since Lord Rama is a kind King, he’s Supreme, he eases everyone’s suffering. He has complete empathy for all living beings that are attracted to mortals.

Dooshanatri Shirohantre (Om Dushanatri Shirohantre namaha) ― Slayer of Dooshanatrishira

Lord Rama, Armed with bows and arrows the valiant warrior of the Raghu race, defeated and killed demon Dooshanatri Shirohantre and established peace and dharma.

Trimurtaye (Om Trimurtaye namaha) ― Having the forms of Trinity

He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva the Ultimate Reality.

Trigunatmaka (Om Trigunatmakaya namaha) – Possessing the three Gunas

The one who possesses three Gunas, Is lord Rama.

Trivikrama (Om Trivikramaya namaha) ― Conqueror of the Three Worlds

Lord Shri Rama is the Controller of the three worlds and universes, Lord Rama is the Omniscient and supreme, Lord of the universe. None can equal to his excellence in anything.

Trilokatmane (Om Trilokatmane namaha) ― The Lord of the Three Worlds

Lord Vishnu’s seventh incarnation Lord rama is the Lord of three worlds.

Punyacharita Keertana (Om Punyacharitra Kirtanaya namaha) ― Sung for Noble Virtues

The Ideal King,The Great Lord Rama and supreme almighty the noble virtues.

Trilokarakshaka (Om Trilokarakshakaya namaha) ― The Protector of the Three Worlds

Being the Supreme God, Lord Rama is the Protector of the three worlds.

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Dhanvine (Om Dhanvine namaha) ― The wielder of the bow

Lord Rama, the Kshatriya Prince and the king of 3 worlds, successfully broke the bow of Lord Shiva who is the supreme deity to win the hand of Sita.

Dandakaranya Karshana (Om Dandakaranya Kartanaya namaha) ― The dweller In The Dandaka Forest

The valiant warrior prince of the Raghu dynasty, Lord Rama, dressed in deer-skin with matted locks and armed with divine bow and arrow, He spent fourteen years exiled with his wife Goddess Sita and Brother Lord Laxman in the Dandaka forest of Aranyaka.

Ahalyashapashamana (Om Ahalya Shapa Shamanaya namaha) ― Reliever of Ahalya’s curse

A sage cursed Ahalya for her bad deeds, and she was turned into a rock. letter, Lord Shri Ram freed her from the curse.

Pitrubhakta (Om Pitru Bhaktaya namaha) ― The one who Is devoted to father

Lord Rama, the noble prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty and the son of King Dasharatha.Being quite dedicated to his father, he obeys his directions with loving and obedience.

Varaprada (Om Vara Pradaya namaha) ― The giver of boons

Lord Rama, the savior of the downtrodden, He represents the highest ideals of human life on an individual level.

Jitendriya (Om Jitendriyaya namaha) ― Conqueror of all the senses

Overcoming the three qualities, Shri Lord Rama is Absolute and the Conqueror of all the Senses.

Jitakrodha (Om Jitakrodhaya namaha) ― Conqueror of anger

Lord Rama is a handsome, strongest, and most powerful descendant of the Raghukul race. Lord Rama loves his subjects; he’s always pleasant and well-mannered, and he masters all the senses. He is always in control of his temper and anger.

Jitamitra (Om Jitamitraya namaha) ― Conqueror of the foes

Lord Rama is Solid as a rock, comforts the distressed by promising protection through the defeat of their enemies and the easing of their suffering. Lord Ram is devoted to protect their Bhaktas.

Jagadgurave (Om Jagad Gurave namaha) ― The One Who Is Spiritual teacher of the Universe

There is no equal in virtue to Lord Rama, who embodies righteousness, prosperity, and fulfilment. keeps secrets guarded. He is revered as the ultimate Spiritual Teacher of the universe.

Rakshavanara Sangatine (Om Riksha Vanara Sanghatine namaha) ― The Saviour of boars and monkeys

Lord Rama, the very essence from which the world originates and to which it ultimately converges, Lord Shri Ram is the saviour of creatures such as boars and monkeys he is the ultimate protector.

Chitrakoota Samashraya (Om Chitrakuta Samashrayaya namaha) ― The lord who took refuge at chitrakuta hill

The noble and gentle Lord Rama chose Chitrakoot in Panchavati as his abode during his exile, where He immersed himself in the beauty and tranquillity of the enchanting forest. He is the ultimate saviour.

Jayantatranavarada (Om Jayanta Trana Varadaya namaha) ― Granting boon to save Jayanta

Lord Rama is the Creator, Protector, and Destroyer and he is the Supreme Lord of the universe. He saves the helpless and from their suffering and shielding them from evil. Rama granted Jayanta a boon, rescuing him from imminent destruction and ruin.

Sumitraputra Sevita (Om Sumitra Putra Sevitaya namaha) ― The One Who Is Worshipped by Sumitra’s son

Lord Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s younger brother, and Sumitra’s son, worshipped Rama’s beloved brother and the path he walked on.

Sarvadevadideva ― Lord of the Lords

The mighty Kshatriya Warrior of the Solar race, Lord Rama is the Master of the earth, and of the three worlds. As the Supreme Lord of the universe, He is Lord of the lords.

Mrutavanarajeevana (Om Sarva Devadhi Devaya namaha) ― The  Reviver of dead monkeys

Lord Rama extends his divine shelter and protection to his devotees through his grace. When Ravana’s soldiers slew countless monkeys and other warriors on the battlefield, Lord Rama, known for His extraordinary deeds, Lord Ram revived them all restored them to life.

Mayamarichahantre (Om Mritavanara Jivanaya namaha) ― The Slayer of imaginary Maricha

Maricha, the son of the demon Tataka, took the form of a deer to enchant Lord Rama and draw Him away from Godess Sita. Eventually, in his anger, Lord Rama shoots an arrow with a serpent’s head that subdues the cunning Maricha. Lord Ram is the slayer of imaginary maricha

Mahadeva (Om Mahadevaya namaha) ― The On Who Is Lord of the Lords

Lord Mahadeva, the adversary of the God of Love (Shiva), reveres Lord Rama as the greatest of all and adores Him, along with Brahma and other divinities and demi gods, as an embodiment of Pure Consciousness, makes him Supreme.

Mahabhuja (Om Mahabhujaya namaha) ― Giant-sized shoulders

The great noble prince of Ayodhya dynasty, with the shoulders like giants, possesses strong arms and a broad chest, exuding magnificence and stateliness akin to a lion makes him the supremen being.

Sarvadevastuta (Om Sarvadeva Stutaya namaha) ― The Onw Who Is Worshipped by all celestial beings

Lord Rama is the Supreme Lord of the three worlds and universes and worshipped by all the celestial beings.

Saumya (Om Saumyaya namaha) ― The One Who Is Ever-smiling and gentle

Lord Rama, with his serene and smiling face, exudes a pleasant and dignified demeanour. His amidst strife and distress. He masters the senses and emanates boundless bliss. The God who loves all.

Brahmanya (Om Brahmanyaya namaha) ― Supreme Godhead

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, He is the supreme god of gods.

Munisamstuta (Om Muni Samstutaya namaha) ― Worshipped by Sages And Saints

Lord Rama always speaks sweetly and truth, humbly about his abilities. Lord Rama’s pure heart and gentle demeanour endear him to sages and saints who worship Him.

Mahayogine (Om Mahayogine namaha) ― The Great Meditator

Lord Rama, the valiant warrior of the Raghukul clan, deeply meditated as instructed by sages and respected elders of his lineage.

Mahodara (Om Mahadaraya namaha) ― The One Who Is Very Generous

Lord Rama, with His lotus-looking eyes and sweet and gentle, moon-like face, generously shows kindness to His subjects. He is the gifts and glorious presence.

Sugreevepsita Rajyada (Om Sugrivepsita Rajyadaye namaha) ― Recovering Sugreeva’s kingdom for him

The king of the vanaras or monkeys King Sugreeva, adores Shri Lord Rama. Lord Rama defeats Sugreeva’s brother for Vali and his good deeds for Shri Rama and returns the kingdom to the loyal Sugreeva.

Sarva Punyadhikaphala (Om Sarva Punyadhi Kaphalaya namaha) ― Lord Answers One’s prayers

Shri Lord Rama the supreme incarnation of Shri Lord Vishnu, embodies all knowledge. He draws His beloved devotees to Himself when they are in distress and free them from all the worries.

Smrutasarvaghanashana (Om Smrita Sarvagha Nashanaya namaha) ― The One Who Is The Destroyer of sins

Devotees of Lord Shri Rama find shelter in him through concentration, devotion, prayers and meditation, and He destroys their sins while alleviating their miseries, He loves his devotees.

Adipurusha (Om Adipurushaya namaha) ― Primordial being

Shri Lord Rama, the handsome, beautiful and noble Kshatriya Prince of the Raghu clan, is the Primordial and supreme being, he’s the Preserver or Sustainer of the world, and thus, the Supreme of the Ayodhya and the world.

Paramapurusha (Om Paramapurushaya namaha) ― The Supreme being

The ornament of the Solar clan, Shri Lord Rama is the Supreme Being and the God, transcending everything exits in the world and beyond everything.

Mahapurusha (Om Mahapurushaya namaha) ― The Great being

Shri Lord Rama, born of the noble prince of Kshatriya Raghu Clan. He is a mighty warrior who conquers evil and establishes righteousness. He frees his devotees from all the distresses.

Punyodaya (Om Punyodayaya namaha) ― Granter of immortality

Shri Lord Rama, the Prince of the Ikshvakus, is the Omniscient, Omnipresent Supreme Lord Shri Vishnu who grants immortality to devotees.

Dayasara (Om Dayasaraya namaha) ― Essence of kindness

Lord Ram, who is always smiling and radiant, delights in even the smallest acts of kindness and sweetness, as he is inherently compassionate. He forgives countless faults yet remains the destroyer of all evils. That is why he is supreme.

Puranapurushottama (Om Purana Purushottamaya namaha) ― The Supreme being of the Puranas

Lord Rama, the glorious descendant of the Solar race, is the supreme being according to Puranas and Vedas.

Smitavaktra (Om Smita Vaktraya namaha) ― Smiling face

Lord Rama, the illustrious descendant of the Raghu clan, adorns His gentle face with a charming smile that shines like the full moon and lotus-eyed looking after a prolonged period of darkness.

Mitabhashine (Om Mita Bhashine namaha) ― Seldom speaks

Lord Rama, The noble and serene as a calm ocean, speaks less and rarely, but when he speaks, His words flow so sweetly that they are akin to music to the ears and happiness on the face.

Purvabhashine (Om Purva Bhashine namaha) ― Speaks in advance

Lord Rama is the Ocean of Knowledge. He possesses awareness of past, present, and future events, and prophesies about future occurrences.

Raghava (Om Raghavaya namaha) ― Named after the Raghu race

Lord Ram Born as a great Kshatriya Prince of the Raghu clan and named after it, Lord Rama shines brightly like the sun and other stars combined. His presence is akin to the sun emerging from behind dark clouds.

Anantaguna Gambhira (Om Ananta Gunagambhiraya namaha) ― The lord of infinite majestic qualities

Lord Rama the lotus-eyed and handsome Rama embodies every virtue that elevates Him. He is the Supreme being, stands unrivaled in every aspect.

Dheerodatta Gunottama (Om Dhirodatta Gunottamaya namaha) ― The lord of valorous qualities

The brave Lord Rama, radiant with his all mother’s blessings, adheres steadfastly to righteousness. As a compassionate and virtuous Kshatriya Prince of his clan, He abhors senseless violence.

Mayamanushacharitra (Om Maya Manusha Charitraya namaha) ― The lord who incarnated as a man through his maya

Lord Rama, the greatest of the Raghu clan princes, is the incarnation of supreme Lord Vishnu in human form, destined to vanquish Ravana and other demons like kumbhkaran, and establish Peace and righteousness among the people.

Mahadevadi Pujita (Om Mahadevadi Pujitaya namaha) ― The Onw Who Is Worshipped by Shiva and the celestials

Lord Rama is renowned for establishing peace among gods and men, providing refuge to His devotees from demons and evil powers and malevolent deeds. Even Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and celestial beings adore Lord Vishnu’s form.

Setukrute (Om Setukrite namaha) ― The Builder of the bridges

With the assistance of Neel and Nal, the son of Vishwakarma the engineers of ancient time, the celestial architect, Lord Rama constructs a long, superbly engineered bridge over the ocean with stones and woods, fortified with divine powers.

Jitavarashaye (Om Jita Varashaye namaha) ― The Conqueror of the ocean

The fearless Shri Rama sent Lord Hanuman to find his beloved wife Goddesses Sita, conquered the vast ocean’s rolling waters and demons, and bridged the distance to rescue Goddess Sita from the feared Ravana.

Sarvateerthamaya (Om Sarva Tirthamayaya namaha) ― Totally sacred water

Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, rests upon the Ocean of Milk, sanctifying its waters with his Supreme mere presence.

Hari (Om Haraye namaha) ― Lord Vishnu The Supreme God

Lord Rama, omnipresent, supreme, free his devotees from sins and wicked tendencies. He defeated demons and evil energies, embodiments of evil, and punishes wrongdoers.

Shyamanga (Om Shyamangaya namaha) ― The Dark-colored

The handsome Lord Rama, with lotus-like eyes and skin as dark as clouds, is energetic, and a brave warrior of the Solar clan.

Sundara (Om Sundaraya namaha) ― Handsome

Lord Rama is the most beautiful being on earth.

Shoora (Om Suraya namaha) ― Valiant

Lord Rama is the saviour of all.

Peetavasaya (Om Peetavasase namaha) ―  Yellow-robed

Lord Rama the prince of Ayodhya embodies the auspiciousness, symbolizing purity and wisdom through His yellow robes.

Dhanurdhara (Om Dhanurdharaya namaha) ― With bow in hand

The Prince Lord Rama always wields the divine bow in his hand, Lord Ram surpassing his father in the mastery of bow craft and archery become more superior.

Sarvayajnadhipa (Om Sarva Yajnadhipaya namaha) ― Lord of all sacrificial offerings

Lord Rama, the beloved son of Kausalya scion of the Raghu Clan, faithfully follows the orders of both Hari (Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma) and His father. He is the supreme authority over all sacrificial offerings.

Yajna (Om Yajvine namaha) ― One who performs yajnas

Lord Rama, adorned in resplendent attire. He unites seamlessly with all His subjects, displaying unwavering resolve, and dignity even in times of distress. He conducts yajnas to appease the gods and seek their blessings that makes him beloved of all Gods and Demi Gods.

Jaramarana Varjita (Om Jaramarana Varjitaya namaha) ― Having no birth or death

Lord Ram has no beginning and no end. He is beyond time and death.

Vibhishana Pratishthatre (Om Vibhishana Pratishthatre namaha) ― The lord who crowned vibhishana on the throne

With a beautiful serene smile on his handsome face, Lord Rama is universally revered as the Lord of lords. after defeating of the ten-headed Ravana, He crowned Vibhishana as the King of Lanka and returned to Ayodhya with his wife Goddess Sita and brother Lord laxman.

Sarvapagunavarjita (Om Sarvabharana Varjitaya namaha) ― The One Who is Destroyer of evil qualities

Lord is the Destroyer of wrong-doers and evil to protect his devotees and loved ones.

Paramatmane (Om Paramatmane namaha) ― The One Who Is Supreme

Lord Rama is Lord of the lords The great warrior of the Raghukul clan, the Greatest of the greats, and the Supreme.

Parabrahmane (Om Parabrahmane namaha) ― The Supreme Godhead

Lord Rama from as Raghu Clan wields the Sudarshan chakra as Lord Vishnu. He is the Invincible, the Formless God, the Attribute less, the Supreme Godhead.

Sacchidananda Vigraha (Om Sachidananda Vigrahaya namaha) ― The Form of eternal bliss

Shri Rama, who understands dharma, is the origin of eternal bliss that permeates the entire universe and three universes, spreading joy and love, peace everywhere.

Paramjyotishe (Om Parasmai Jyotishe namaha) ― The Most spectacular radiance

Lord Rama, invincible, emanates a spectacular radiance from his being, enveloping everything around Him.

Paramdhamne (Om Parasmai Dhamne namaha) ― Lord of Vaikuntha

Lord Rama resides in the exalted realm of Vaikuntha as the Supreme, eternally awake and conscious, pervading all worlds while Himself remaining steadfast. He is the Ashrama for his devotees, he is good for all.

Prakasha (Om Parakashaya namaha) ― The supreme space

Lord Rama Comparable to the brilliance of a thousand suns.

Paratpara (Om Paratparaya namaha) ― The supreme beyond the highest

Lord Rama is the teacher for all he is beyond supreme being.

Paresha (Om Pareshaya namaha) ― Lord of the lords

Lord Rama, the illustrious descendant of the Raghu Clan, He is the Lord of lords, self-originated, without beginning or end, As a Supreme being he is the creator of all existence in the universe.

Paraga (Om Pargya namaha) ― The Uplifter of the poor

Lord Rama, who beholds the manifest world created by his manifestation and perceivable to His all-encompassing vision, uplifts the needy, poor and illuminates their path with protective guidance.

Para (Om Paraya namaha) ― The Ultimate One

Lord Having the Ultimate Reality, and the Omniscient Lord Supreme Vishnu.

Sarvadevatmaka (Om Sarva Devatmakaya namaha) ― Dweller in all Gods

Lord Rama, the beloved son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, radiant like the full moon and shins like Son, protects His subjects, upholds His promises, terrifies His enemies and evil energies, and faithfully adheres to dharma. He reigns as the Lord of all gods and he is supreme.

Parasmai (Om Parasmai namaha) ― Most Superior

Lord Shri Rama, the great and handsome descendant of the Raghu clan, surpasses all in wisdom, skill, and good fortune. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and revered by divinities like Brahma, Narada, and Supreme Lord Shiva and other demi gods and sages, saints as the Supreme.


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